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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Pill or Blue - What Difference Does it Make to Dropshippers!

Gone! Gone! Gone in nanoseconds - the excitement to try my new drug, the anger of having ordered it online, the relief of finally receiving the parcel from the dropshipper, everything, everything is gone in nanoseconds as the parcel is FI-NA-LLY in my hands now...
...to receive wrong pills!!!!!!!!!!! This is unforgivable and unforgettable and the most unwanted experience ever.

On signing the acknowledgement receipt to the dropshipper and sending him back home, glancing the look of relief on his face at delivering his services and my parcel in the right hands, I run to rip my parcel, unwrap it hastily only to find some wrong pills bundled up in there. ???????????? This is INSANE.

Where do i start from now? Calling the customer care  - online pharmacy, the dropshipper, the...uff! every error has to knock MY door, why? My credit card details have already been used, the product has been dispatched confirming the right pill name and here it is! What I received is something else altogether!

I do know that the world is on the brink of collapsing - no! not the stock market, not the Western economies or the great bright future of the advanced countries or IT as for that matter - but dropshipping of all!Its this worst dropshipping services that will withdraw people's faith on e-commerce sites, which in turn, will impact the IT sector and the world will be doomed. Sounds like an OVERSTATEMENT to you???? Oh no! ITS NOT! When I am frustrated with things happening at my end - online ordering of pills was never a good idea afterall.

Mistakes rather be our own than of having to suffer for someone else's mistakes at our cost.
This is sooooooooo upsetting, really!

 Its only WORDship and not DROPship!
  Now here begins my WARship!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Untimely Deliverables - SOLUTIONS pleaaaaaase!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Cant just help it. I have to censor all the curses I wish I could type. These dropshippers are such trouble makers. "Buy Blah Blah Online...This Online, That Online! Come One, Come All! Take Away in Discounted Prices"...so and so...and on and on.

On reading everything to your heart's content, EVERYthing about the product, how good it is, how bad it is, is it really worth the price, oh wow! this is great, stupendofantabulous! etc.etc; you now pull your chair excitedly at the online offers, hit your keyboard rapidly to enter your credit card details, and stand near your door, expecting promised results. Days pass and then nights too, dreaming about the pill's arrival, the pill that you ordered online is yet to come, and you are all set thinking about the miraculous results and the wonderful reactions it is to evoke in your health. Alas! the medicine never arrives on time and you are there, awaiting it. Checking and re-checking the My Account section to view the order details and to track the shipping status. And then again re-checking after irregular intervals...as irregular as the dropshippers...ugh! this is sooo annoying. Gosh! Is there anyone who does not promise alone but provide the results QUICK and FAIR. huh! ANYONE????