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Friday, October 22, 2010

Your Dream Man - A Wacky Description

If your description matches the one described in here: you sure need someone who is the opposite to understand how beautiful a feeling love is. So gurls, feel the same as written below:
Change your mind before you lose your mind! ;)

My dream man should be a dream and not a nightmare!
My binocular eyes are looking for a fat man coz i am sure he loves to eat goodies and is a gourmet. Soemone who would be emotive towards savories of all kinds and i shall be given oppurtunities to grab some too. :) I want a bald man to appreciate my tresses, a man with not-so-good-sense-of-humor for him to not understand my practical jokes. Instead, I want a man whom i can amuse with my sense of humor. A less hanky-panky guy with simple looks coz if he is a hunk, you bet! I sure am not competing for him.
My dream man should hate chocolates coz I dont like sharing mine! chuckle! He should hate travelling so that i can borrow his scooty since i dont have one. His name should be tree-trunk long so that i can have a pet name for him and can treat him like one too! tee hee! He could be anything: a chef (am a foodie here!), a hair stylist (after all, who wouldnt want to be pampered), a fashion photographer (posing is comfortable with your guy and also more chances of being shown up as a model-look-alike), a poet (so that he amuses his muse).

Note: This aint my dream man for sure! this is a wackiest idea possible for a dream man! mine is a TDH - tall, dark and handsome and i have booked one already...hah! a wise decision...a person with traits: wise and someone who can take up my mood swings, does anything for my comfort, does not make me feel that he completes me but makes me feel complete within myself...independent yet dependent on me for his emotional needs...yes! he is my man! and not the wacky one! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


suppose, she asks him out for a date
suppose, he doesn't come out for a date
suppose, she asks someone to ask him out for a date
suppose, he takes THAT someone out for a date
suppose, she doesn't get angry,
suppose, he thought she should have been angry
suppose, it was his act of making her J
suppose, it was her act of not feeling J
suppose, he thought she is not possessive about him,
suppose, she thought he would love her not being possessive about him,
suppose, he took it as an indifferent attitude,
suppose, she dint intend to throw that indifferent attitude,
suppose, he decided to never speak to her again
suppose, she took it to heart and vowed never to speak to him again
suppose, they stop talking to each other
don't suppose! coz for sure! the relationship is wounded
suppose! they try to heal!
don't suppose! coz alas! itz too late
so letz decide to understand and speak to our loved ones about every little thing and never never never fight owing to some misunderstanding...coz this mis is better missed...so that understanding is retained...cheers to love relationships!!!
and the boat sails ever after
and the happinezz retains ever after
and the relationship flourishes ever after
and the hip-hip-hurray is heard ever after
and the couplehood's glory is hailed ever after
Love- never-ending, fights-ever-ending
From the box-office of Vyoma - copyrighted...this is for personal use ONLY...authors' creation...long live  celebration

Against Judging People Based on Irrelevant Ideas: Race, Religion, Region, Western, Tradition...

though i utter unpleasant things most of the times
however my intention and my thought rhymes
to compose a poetry of satire
i cant stand hypocrisy and a traditional liar
who talks about great things
but follows none of those
every human emotion has wings
every human is a thorn; but! with a rose

the heart that leads true but to roads so complex
human mind is forced to pride and discrimination against sex
letz grow! why acclaim that someone is just or not
all it requires is not tradition, but some heart and thought
i aint getting matters to worse
but through this poem am planning for a reverse
reverse not into the lane of traditions vs modernization
but towards an appropriate, balanced, educated nation
that understands tradition is to limit oneself and lead true
to train your thoughts
not to reign your thoughts 
you cannot stop your individual, developed thinking that help you grew
from within, you are enlightened by nature's gifted conscience
these pages are nothing of reminiscence
i believe to-be-good is to-be-cultural
but the friendship between tradition and modernization should be mutual
i cannot forget the efforts women and human have taken to come up alike
the regional differences come from the politicans demanding for votes on the mike
we are all one and i agree that every region has a drawback
but why judge people? It shows how much of intelligence we lack
education is a means to identify people as equal
but what i see is people looking upon each other as rival
yes! i too belong to the crowd
coz facing discrimiation, my heart speaks loud
to tell myself and the world too
letz be together, we are not of different races but one
letz wake up before the damage is done
I apologize for my words that may have added fire to fury
but all i wanted you to know was please dont pass a verdict like that of a jury
i sense the trouble that is gradually taking away our independence too
but i wish there are more people to follow these thoughts and not just few
this ended as a poem of shock
but my idea is to improve and not to mock
on any one race or religion or region opposed to the other
coz all regions belong to Earth, our mother!