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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Forgot the Keys - My Love Story Episode

Yes! I forget the keys to my house often. I land up sitting on the steps doing nothing, wiling away my time waiting for Arun (my husband). I fiddle with my phone and set my Facebook status as "Door locked. Passing time on stairs. Someone please call or chat."
A couple of minutes later, I experience a strange delight in waiting for Arun on the steps. I tend to get irritated easily and initially, but the time spent waiting for him is a bliss.
Sitting on the stairs with folded feet and palms tapping my cheeks, with nothing to do, my thoughts are all filled with moments so realistically and FANTAS(Y)tically romantic.

Every bike screeching sound lifts my spirits. I run from the steps to the verendah and lean on the parapet to fetch a good look of him.
Him! Lifting his helmet away from his head
Him! Stylishly fixing his strangled hair
Him! Never failing to look up with a guilty smile flashing on his face, lifting my day
"guilty" because no matter what, he always blames himself for any inconvenience, I face.
Me! coquettishly smiling back at him
I know, I know! He is the sweetest
...and the love we share is the deepest.
Hey! Whatz this! I finally found my keys
No! Not the keys to my door
But the key to my happiness.
And this key can never be forgotten
Coz this key is with Him! My Arun! ;)  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

J's Story - Part I

Panting, puffing, breathless, J reached the meadows at last, escaping the brute behind somewhere. Is he still following? She thinks as she bends with her hair down on her face, gasping for breath after the long run away from the beast. An hour back, she was sitting idle in the coffee shop, awaiting her co-worker, fiddling with a camera lying on the table, perhaps of some customer, who left it there by mistake. Now she occupied the seat. She called out the bearer for cheque and when her eyes fell on this darling-looking cam, she thought of asking the waiter about the owner of this camera. But when he finally came to collect the bill, J was busy with the cam, and he left her at that. She looked around and felt no harm in just checking out the pictures shot by apparently a professional photographer, apparently the owner too, of the cam. She browsed through the pictures only to see some blood shots. The high resolution cam, at first, gave J an impression that these blood drops came from above her head, of someone who might be standing over her, overlooking her, seemingly injured with blood that fell on the cam monitor screen. However, the blood drop was very much a part of the picture, clicked with the camera. It was…it was…oh! My God! Joseph it is!

How could he die???…I mean…she was waiting for him at this table, not knowing, he was never to come. He…DIED! This is terrible, a nightmare, sorry a daymare! WHAT! Her hands shivering, her mind boggling with rapid, unpleasant thoughts and images, she dialed Joesph’s number. All the while the network was trying to connect to Joseph, J had her fingers impatiently tapping the coffee table, hoping to hear his voice over the phone. But as the worst had it, Joseph’s phone first went unanswered. J was not wanting to believe that he was no more…she re-dialled and this time, he picked up the phone. No! not Joesph…someone she had heard before or so she felt. A strong breathing could be heard at the opposite end. She shivered and sweat profusely, not knowing what to say. “Wh..who is this?”  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin Turned into Embarassing Adventures

It was Hubby-N-Chubby's day out...my husband and I, respectively and logically. Women usually tend to put on weight and become chubbier after marriage...SO???? I am Ms. Chubby. No more comments, plz. Ya, so where was I. Yup, we went for this movie "The Adventures of Tintin.”  BTW, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, go! Anyway, I was able to get dinner done before we left, but decided to skip eating until after we got back from the movie because I wasn’t very hungry then. Well, sometime after that, I got hungry. About halfway through the movie, I heard this loud TYRE FLATTENING sound and realized with alarm that it came from my stomach. And would you know it, it happened at a point in the movie when there was silence, so there was no muffling or muting by background noise.
I cast a sideways glance at my hubby and saw him giggling up as quietly as he could – he was laughing at me! So I did what any smart, self-preserving wife would do. I turned to him and using the best chiding tone, in the loudest stage-whisper I could muster, I said: “You!!!”
I call it deflection. You may call it shifting blame…

Monday, November 7, 2011

Baseless But Nevertheless...

Life is a hope...
that we will continue forever...
our plans will concretize
…or so we fantasize...
huh! we are humans..Adam’s daughters and sons!
with imagination inexplicable
so if I am able,
I shall continue writing tomorrow. :) ..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Pill or Blue - What Difference Does it Make to Dropshippers!

Gone! Gone! Gone in nanoseconds - the excitement to try my new drug, the anger of having ordered it online, the relief of finally receiving the parcel from the dropshipper, everything, everything is gone in nanoseconds as the parcel is FI-NA-LLY in my hands now...
...to receive wrong pills!!!!!!!!!!! This is unforgivable and unforgettable and the most unwanted experience ever.

On signing the acknowledgement receipt to the dropshipper and sending him back home, glancing the look of relief on his face at delivering his services and my parcel in the right hands, I run to rip my parcel, unwrap it hastily only to find some wrong pills bundled up in there. ???????????? This is INSANE.

Where do i start from now? Calling the customer care  - online pharmacy, the dropshipper, the...uff! every error has to knock MY door, why? My credit card details have already been used, the product has been dispatched confirming the right pill name and here it is! What I received is something else altogether!

I do know that the world is on the brink of collapsing - no! not the stock market, not the Western economies or the great bright future of the advanced countries or IT as for that matter - but dropshipping of all!Its this worst dropshipping services that will withdraw people's faith on e-commerce sites, which in turn, will impact the IT sector and the world will be doomed. Sounds like an OVERSTATEMENT to you???? Oh no! ITS NOT! When I am frustrated with things happening at my end - online ordering of pills was never a good idea afterall.

Mistakes rather be our own than of having to suffer for someone else's mistakes at our cost.
This is sooooooooo upsetting, really!

 Its only WORDship and not DROPship!
  Now here begins my WARship!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Untimely Deliverables - SOLUTIONS pleaaaaaase!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Cant just help it. I have to censor all the curses I wish I could type. These dropshippers are such trouble makers. "Buy Blah Blah Online...This Online, That Online! Come One, Come All! Take Away in Discounted Prices"...so and so...and on and on.

On reading everything to your heart's content, EVERYthing about the product, how good it is, how bad it is, is it really worth the price, oh wow! this is great, stupendofantabulous! etc.etc; you now pull your chair excitedly at the online offers, hit your keyboard rapidly to enter your credit card details, and stand near your door, expecting promised results. Days pass and then nights too, dreaming about the pill's arrival, the pill that you ordered online is yet to come, and you are all set thinking about the miraculous results and the wonderful reactions it is to evoke in your health. Alas! the medicine never arrives on time and you are there, awaiting it. Checking and re-checking the My Account section to view the order details and to track the shipping status. And then again re-checking after irregular intervals...as irregular as the dropshippers...ugh! this is sooo annoying. Gosh! Is there anyone who does not promise alone but provide the results QUICK and FAIR. huh! ANYONE???? 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoughtlessness Inscribed

I thought that a blog would require a lot of thought...which sure, it does. But, today I want to write about my thoughtlessness.
Like usual, I boarded a bus and started my travel towards my office.
Unlike usual, I slept off, feeling dizzy with thoughts that were wierd and disconnected, disturbing the peace of my mind.
Like usual, my stop arrived
Unlike usual, I never did realize it and continued with my struggle to sleep peacefully amidst all the noise - no! not the noise of the yelling people, boarding and unboarding the bus, in their local Chennai Tamil, blabbering endlessly, in an unrhythmic pattern, or the honking of the bus at every irregular interval, or the harsh turnings of the bus, or the hawkers and the passersby or the stuntmen performing jaw-dropping ways to board the bus, running and holding the bars, or just swinging away, while humming some tollywood tune
it was actually the noise in my head that was to be blamed for all the thoughts actually signifying thoughtlessness.
The bus sped away and by the time I woke, I had reached some unknown place in this new city. Totally lost, I crossed the road and waited for a bus to drop me at the nearest bus stop to my office.
Soon, it arrived but was crowded like hell. With no place to place my foot, I put my foot down, hoping some space would welcome my princess feet. An annoyed woman, with a big red bindi on her forehead, turned to look at me, and I smiled in return. I soon learnt that the aisle-like space below my foot, was this Madam's foot actually. No sooner did I realize this that I lifted it promptly and my tongue led its way out in horror. She looked away and I heaved a sigh of relief. Unable to figure out the stops, I leaned to get a better look at the nearby places, in hope of familiar surroundings. When trying to peep out the window, I noticed a guy noticing me. Staring at me, like he never saw a beauty before, huh! these road-side boys i tell you, are such a pain to witness witnessing you. Anyways, I briefly nodded my head and looked sideways, only to see an old man staring back at me. Oh ho! so this roadside guy, I assume is this oldie's chashmo chirag (his son, the light of his house - literal translation)...a group of galz standing ahead of me, grinned and giggled. I was puzzled. Trying to locate a mirror-like reflection on the window glass of the bus, I bent further to view myself carefully. But to no avail. My image was refused by the light-colored bus window glass and I was left to think whatever I wished to, presuming it to be a reason for all those unwelcome glares. My stop arrived and I was glad I found my way back to office. Having got down the crowded bus, I heaved a sigh of relief...huh! phew! Aha! I can see a pair of eyes here and a pair of eyes there, eyeing on me. Or maybe I have started getting a superiority feeling about my looks...could that be? well, not certain though but there are high chances.

I walked past a car, when what I saw through the dark window panes of the four-wheeler was indeed something that left me dumbstruck. I was wearing my dress inside out. Gosh! I was all red..and pale at the same time. I took to my heels and ran towards the office gates, jumped up on the floor, hysterically finding my way to the washroom..hid my face with my palms, and nodded my head horizontally at a rapid speed. "Hah, nothing like that ever happened, OK", I assured myself. And forced my mind to erase the memory...Gulp! and my throat was all dehydrated and I just submerged this episode in my sub-conscious mind. Only to come back to meet my colleagues with a cheerful chirpy HI...and back to my desk..everything's normal apart from this blog. Wait! If my keyboard was alive, was it mocking at me...thud! thud! thud! my fingers are beating it up rapidly, when typing this. Anybody else who wants to have a hearty laugh at this...my fists are closed and I am still heated up with rage on mockers and shockers! phoo! shoo! all of you there, who wanna laugh at my misery! Shoo! I say!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pigeon or Soldier - Whats the Right Approach to Life?

It's been really long since I wrote something. I am currently going through a state, wherein, I can see something unpleasant coming up but can't control the happenings.
Should I be more like a pigeon like in the olden days, that used to send letters to the intended recipients, unknown about the reaction it could evoke in the reader. Still flying merrily in the open sky, holding the letter in his meek beak, soaring higher midst nature, blinking eyelids watching the whole, timid, worldly people with even timid understanding or knowledge of the blissful nature, submissive to air, allowing the cool breeze to fondle its feathers carelessly yet lovingly, while the pigeon never cares about the mishap that is going to befall with that message it carries
Should I be more like a soldier, who would never let anything or anybody evil to trespass the borders? Someone so inclined in protecting the family of country people, that is even ready to take the poisonous shots that could take away the soldier's breath and life and blood. But??? but the soldier is honored for his sacrifice. What if I be a soldier and protect but am labelled as a traitor for my sacrifices and good intention that could be regarded as a way to display some invisible enmity?

I ain't sure of the name, but there was some character in Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, who could foresee the future...wanted to stop his own people from approaching it and continued to persuade his beings about the terrible foresight...
but the fate had it!
the disaster did happen and that particular person, who could foresee, was left with a heavy heart.

Are situations really in control?
Can we change things on our own?
I am sure there are answers everywhere around me
Maybe I need to pick up the right clues
...interpret it correctly and...

No! am just gasping enough air and sighing coz I dont know how to lead myself as a winner, in this situation

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Today!!! Just This One Girl!

Its just today I saw a girl, of all the girls I see everyday, with streaked curls
she was just the one with that happy carefree thingy about her
nothing so simple about her grabbed my attention but her flamboyant air about her
oh! how much she showed up among the crowd by doing nothing
her locks of hair locked me in admiration
I gazed at this one girl, of all the girls I see everyday, with that smile that had the perfect curve, and bent just exactly right to enlighten her beautiful face
She was this, one, that walked with some feeling in her that she is beautiful, oh the look! just like she knows her feet are trespassing several pumping hearts...all of them beating for her one glance
she defined beauty
She simply defined the essence of goddess - an angel you are not likely to see in all the girls you see everyday, but this one girl
Her eyes had that hideous mischievous look, a look of trust that suggests life is beautiful so chill! if you have any problems, coz there are none
she smiled like she is mocking at the simpletons of the world for not realizing that there is nothing that exists that is not beautiful
she fulfilled me with her one look
she kinda made my heart sing for her like my heart is some guitar with the strings attached to hers and she is simply just playing a tune with her delicate fingers
oh! her tresses that majestically are placed on her shoulder and laugh, when she laughs, blowing gently on her face and giving her the look that many sigh for and on!
it just took me awhile to realize that the mirror does not always shows the true self but only makes us realize what we are making of our true self
I then walked out of the washroom, away from the mirror, to see me as I was and as I am and as I want to be, my walk blew away the dust that once once coming in my way, blurring my sight and making me feel all the while that i have lost my beauty - my beautiful self...this walk! this walk is different...
...it still carries the image of me, 5 years younger and now 5 years younger again! :)
Huh! i finally did find myself. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


sssssSomething better! Something more! This is not working. 

"If not this, then what?" I inquire.

hmmm I dont know, that’s for you to figure out. Give me something thatssss thatsss thatsss…what do I say…mmm…something that defines us…something so creative…soooo sooo dynamic…you know!

Ya ya! I get that! Mmm yes, I am listening, I am getting it


horn ok please...JAMMMMMM...signal...gosh! there is lot of traffic in my head. NOthing is clear, everything is smoky, shady 

...and all I can retrieve is some few images here and there...no! No happiness! It’s a far distant land, right now. I can think of images that are everything but not work-related. I can view a punctured plane, yes…a PUNCTURED plane! And the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, heart-locking sight of a pilot supervising the mechanics, who are repairing the plane. I am STROLLING by the airport premises, and there is an angel-like circle above this young, sturdy man’s (in real life, my hubby. He always has a special place in my imagination and my life) head, when I first look at him. 

When he finally does look at me, he is amazed at my beauty. I am looking somewhere upwards, trying to locate a cupid. And finally, there is no such thing there, I ain’t ready to let go off my imagination and I hang on it, thinking they must have gone for a break. I am now the new cupid, in-charge of my own love story, and so I touch my back and effortlessly, get my hands on the arrow and strike it right into the Mr’s heart, piercing it hard. 

He reacts instantaneously, holds me sideways, leans forward to kiss me. I look into his eyes, and the gaze is a long-lasting one, until I coquettishly look away and what do I see is the plane right on top of his head. The plane lost its balance and uncontrolled, it started to wheel over us…IMAGINE…the budding love and the lovers crushed mercilessly by some MRF tyres…and this young man, showed his muscle power, and screeeecchhhh…no! Not the tyres of the plane but the spinning head of mine and my imagination came to an abrupt halt. That’s all I was thinking, when I was supposed to think some real catchy and witty lines for my assignment. A cloud of thought, the imaginary wave of the imagination seems to have no steering wheel, unlike our physical self, it roams around freely in its own world.

How can I possibly submit the assignment I have in hand...that requires my creativity squeezed from my brains, spinning them and leaving them knotted to have every drop of it in the write-up...uuughhh! This is driving me crazy. Writer's block! writer's block...if I had to rename this in one word...it would be more like a WRIbl. How it rhymes with riddle. And how I want to rebel. Huh! A mystery, yet unresolved, and why does it happen to me all the time. I mean...cant I think..am I some sort of a lost-in-the-thinking planet-praani?

Gosh! Thinking was never such a pain.
Or was it ever my domain????

It gives me sharp pangs of oohs and ouches in my head.
And yet nothing is on paper as yet.

No, I figured it out. Blame Bill Gates! Microsoft Word must be having a bug, yet undiscovered, of sucking away the creative energy out of you just like it deletes every creation of yours on a single continuous hit on Backspace.

Similarly, apparently, it is deleting away the thoughts and every constituent of it, effortlessly, from every possible thinking space from your head, leaving it all cluttered to think of things beyond work.
Yes, I am creative, in the sense that I have the creative imagination to think creative.
hah! I wish...I wish...I had a factory of thoughts that supplied me the thoughts based on my demand. That’s economics...shucks! What the f*** am I writing. 

No, but seriously, have you faced this ever? If you have, then believe me there are people like me, sharing your mind space, we are fellow beings. Hi I am Ms. Non-Creative-But-Trying-Creativity. And you?

The only thing left to do is walk backwards, pour the tea cup, with its contents intact, upside down on my head, and get something done to let my creative juices flow. 

A Good Source for Boosting Creativity
Or should I try inserting some batteries in me…maybe mine have reached their expiry date or something. I strongly wish we had some dose, some supplement for improving on our creativity, the health status of our write brain…I mean the right-brain. Just like we pop in some vitamin tablets and lo! We are rid of all the deficiency in finding the right vegetable or source of vitamin and then cook or prepare it and ensure we keep having it all the time, everyday. That sucks! I need a creativity tablet - CREcin. 

And its chemical composition would be inclusive of: fresh thoughts as fresh as a new-born baby, as warm and welcoming as the new mother’s warm hands holding the baby, as reliable as the strength of the bond the mother-baby share. And as picture-perfect as my imagination, when I am writing this. 

I think my imagination needs to rest. So I apply the BRAKE and give you a BREAK! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vyoma's Adventures in EmotiveLand

This is my land for sure! Whenever, I, like Alice of the 'Alice in Wonderland' classic, want to withdraw from my life, I choose to visit my Emotive land. This is not just a land but a forest, where there are innumerable trees, where the leaves on these trees: are people I meet everyday, the crowd I am surrounded with everyday, the tree trunks are the societal limitations that disallow me to walk on my path, force me to take turns to find my way out of my emotive forest. The animals, herein, and the roars and chirps and laughs and beasts of this forest area, called Emotive land, are the situations I am escaping from. I seek escape to take rescue into the hearts of the wood, the flute player, the creator, THE Krishna, who lives in this land, in the deep deep forest of my Emotive land, of my emotions.

I am struggling to find my way to him. The forest is so thick and dangerous, I have to go through all these adventures to find my way to the tunes of the flute played by Krishna...and once i reach there, i am all myself...fearless, one with my soul, beautiful, a soul of purity, my bagged shoulders are released of the external pressures and i rest on his lap, just one look at HIM, and i am one with the universe...hey! whatz this? all my fears are eloping and whatz that? Krishna- my angel, my God, is in front of me...my eyes are open when writing this but what i see is not these black and white print but an inexplicable feeling, my feet are feeling the weightlessness of my body, i am lifted in air, yet i can touch Mother Earth, my journey of life continues but my spirit wont budge out of this heavenly place...the flute is the only thing my ear ever wanted to hear, HIS beauty is enormous, his eyes are a window to the world, reflecting every pleasant emotion, I ever felt...and here's something you need to see...this leaf...and what is this? something is written on it...and i keep reading...while the script changes and in no time, I have the knowledge of the world...i am typing only what i am seeing, i am sensing at this point of time...i am with my Lord, my LORD KRISHNA! his curly tresses are similar to mine...his lips are honey-dipped and moisture-ladened...he doesn't speak...yet i hear him...i have never felt so pure...i am breathing the breath he exhales...the whole world is breathing it...he LOVES me...and everyone of us...he is so JUST...the leaves and trees are dancing and whooing in HIS ALMIGHTY's presence...KRISHNA, i am now blank...lying down on the greenest grass ever..gazing at Krishna while HE gazes back at me...i wish to close my eyes to enjoy his instrumental music...and want to dip deep into his melodies but i cant coz i dont want to lose sight of him...but i have no control...my eyes belong to HIM...the creator, follows his will and shuts fast...i am drifted but only in my thoughts, i open my eyes into the real world...but my soul opens its eyes to see KRISHNA...my soul is still there...and i am here...but i know i havent left my EMOTIVE land...my KRISHNA and i learnt what LORD wanted to educate me, educate us..i am born, herein, to LIVE...to LIVE the pleasures i have been gifted with, the relations that i am bestowed with...inspite of all the societal pressures...coz these are so feeble to fight this mighty emotion that i just felt and i am still elated with...LETZ LIVE on this beautiful planet...STOP TERRORIZING and being in TERROR...its not a beautiful life...its a life that is beyond beautiful...you can only live it to feel the essence of it...COME, LETZ LIVE.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello World! This is the Thinker's Zone!

You are a thinker and are welcome to the Thinker's Zone! 
Spare yourself with some brainstorming questions that make us moan
Why do we find the need to share ideas?
A special someone 
or simply no-one
must read our mind
it gives us pleasure
of some wierd-est kind
to learn your thoughts
to affirm your ideas
to make us feel that 
our views are not unheard
someone must be capable to read and spend time to listen to us
why is this a human tendency
why are emotions in this world considered with leniency
it is only this medium of internet
where we type and to express views, we do not fret
The subject of Thinkology has never been found
we call it philosophy but its not theories to which our thought process is bound
we need to learn, we need to ask,
lets share and discuss thoughts till they last
that habitat our tender minds
why are dreams called dreams and not absurd ideas?
why is everyone teaching lessons of wisdom?
who has explored the wisdom kingdom? 
why does talking our mind, considered as a waste of time?
why are questions still unsolved
why only the quest of answers is exciting but when we derive these solutions, the excitement disappears
we, like vagabonds go hunting after another wave of thoughts and try to find answers for those new questions
is this the way of life?
or our thinking pattern?
knowledge is the only lantern
so lets bring together this flame of thoughts and understanding on every subject
and glow a fireball from it for the light to enlighten our darkest mind! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Questioning My Thoughts!

Image Courtesy: TSiBA Education

Is it real to think?
             to think and speak?
             to speak and regret?
             to regret and plead
             to plead and continue to plead for forgiveness from within

no matter how hard I try to think and act
the reactions turn out to be the most unexpected
is this what u call destiny? 
or foolishness of not having things under your control?
I think I have thought enough
Maybe its unreal! Unreal to think and think and do nothing but think
So to turn my thinking into reality, I shall do what I think and not just think
so now that i have figured out the answers to my questions, I shall end this blog with a wink ;)
Silly me and my thoughts - SILLIER! for sure!
Everybody's are...i suppose! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Howz me???

I just spared some time to ask myself, Howz me, honey? I happened to visit the washroom, and in front of the mirror, here's me - all dull and eyes popped out, hair undone, and an ongoing smirky expression.
Reminded me of my carefree, college days, when I happened to dress up magnetically attractive...facing the mirror and favoring the mirror to face a beautiful face of  mine, in turn. It was something the mirror owes me, till date. I couldn't help asking at that point of time, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the prettiest of all?" and the mirror would promptly give me a reflectional nod; stating how pretty I was. Decked up, dolled up, carrying a wide-wide grin to enable the dimple on my chin protrude. Huh! alas! those were the days, my friend!

And I rushed to my workstation to blog this, write about the beauty - concealed within the tired eyes, the pinkness of my cheeks - layered under the patchy browns.                                                                  

I tried splashing water over my face (careful to not waste much) in vain. I realized the pampering I needed. I am about to leave for home anytime now, to watch from my very own weary eyes the India-Pak semi-finals today, again to forget my very own dreaded look, I just witnessed. Never mind, I know for sure, it retains itself, when I dress up for my man! I glow at the slightest touch of his...even when he is cheering the cricket team or simply smiling at me; as if for my affirmation on how well a player Sachin is, or for that matter, how great a fan is he himself.

And then, I shall look into the mirror again and my image is going to be that of the most beautiful, newly-wed bride. Wuv! I am sooo much in love! Whoz old? I am a teen, just worked up a bit currently, and am going to regain my child-like laugh in an hour on the couch with him, watching the semi-finals...oh! by the way, did I mention I loathe the game. My vocal words have to stress themselves to utter the word 'cricket' and the moment it releases my tongue of the suffocation that poor little one had to carry with the word, a gush of air, 'Oooo'd' by my mouth, relieves itself. But I suddenly sense the earlier unexplored "fun" part of the game with Arun, my husband.

I also retrieve myself and regain my womanly charm, the feminine gestures of my hands, I cannot lay my eyes off, and feel the beauty of my knot-released hair...even when i bun it, to wash my tired face, i realize it was gone, like never there. Love IS a BEAUTY-ful miracle. Arun knows the spell and i am spelled.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Track your Business Right! and Right Out of your Four Walls!

Business Growth = Rising Currency
Come out of your room! Your business needs fresh minds to grasp your service ideas, continuous talks and triggering new expectations and implementing them into your business, a whole lot of research and...and...the list goes on. Want to know some tricky tips. Answer these and I will answer what you need to do. Need help? Need a trusted partner? Need someone to help you with a few outdoor services? Need to rest your mind only on the production! but need someone to conduct the research for you? Wishing if there was a simple guideline to go about your business?

Your responses on the following questions and your questions are answered:

  • What do you do for a living?
  • What kind of society are you exposed to and are your neighbours your target audience? No! then who are your potential customers?
  • Why do you think you can do the business you are thinking of doing?
  • What do you love about your business idea and how do you plan to take it forward?
  • What help would you need in leading your business plan ahead?



Got stuck on how to proceed?

Bring it on!
  • You want someone already educated on your business line to help you with your idea?
  • What are the linked up businesses to yours? I mean, if you are a writer, perhaps you need a subject or stationary!
  • What commercial or print promotional campaigns or simply advertisements, tag lines, jingles  do you find memorable?

Answer these and I shall guide you through things where you are stuck up with. I have a group of people employed and employers alike, handling serious businesses and could help in leading your ideas forward. I am a research expert and a writer by profession, having acquired knowledge in publication and marketing.

Post your replies at: emotiveadventures@yahoo.in

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to Chennai - The Club for Chennai Newcomers (WTC)

New in Chennai? Explore Chennai: Chennai events, Chennai elites, Chennai lifestyle! Let us have a WTC (Welcome to Chennai) club. I am initiating this club to have budding Chennaites group to mingle and explore the city and its culture. It is a new place and hence we tend to lose ourselves in the midst of this new crowd of people, the language and the culture. I have adapted to the language and can manage with the titbits and the basic broken Tamil, I learned and practiced. I shifted to this new city in the late days of June, 2010 and since then am trying to place my foot in here. Married to a Tamilian, it sure comes a little easy to me, though! Letz be city-omniscient, future perfect Chennaites! 

The first Chennai city club, open to all! We sure would be needing an anchoring point and guess what! We would be holding our social get-together sessions at every place of importance in the city. We will explore the art, the culture, the events, the happenings of the place and will popularize our group with social help and our own new budding writers and readers book club as well. Share your poetry, or film criticisms, or the like. We can have a discussion on any-any topic. People with varied interests spice up the group!

So newcomers, young or old, are all invited to Chennai to network and socialize with other new comers. We shall not have an age bar so that we get to mingle with the lot. We will meet language experts and city experts too. Letz look around and take a tour of this magnificent city, all by ourselves! Letz learn and be friends with other fellow Chennai newcomers.

Are you in for it? If you have other ideas in your mind for the group, you are welcome to drop in your ideas and activities you would be seeking in the WTC group. It could be arts, books, simply fun, partying or chatting. Letz share our emotive adventures in this new place. So, Emotives! Are you ready? Letz Communicate! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let Your Fear Fear Your Knowledge on Fear

Brrrrrr...I fear the thought of being with myself in a room full of darkness, h-h-h-heights! itzzz eeee...impossible! How often you use such exclamatory phrases and more often than not, mimic it when the terrifying episode is over and you are pondering over the breathtaking moments and narrating it light-heartedly to your folks. Some questions are answered by science while others are yet unresolved while we are awaiting for some scientist to rack their brains and provide us with one such factual tablet, to keep us at ease, from the unknown fear. 

Yes, the unknown fear! Not the reason of fear but the cause of fear. Several of us fear the ghosts. Not that we have seen one but we are not certain of the believed-to-be blood-oozing face and open hair, white sari, midnight..and many such symbolism that correspond to the tell-tale ghosts. 

Scientific study indicates that our sub-consciousness stores certain facts that we refuse to sort at the moment. Its more like a repository of memories that we are afraid to handle or tackle. We avoid this and submerge it into our subconsciousness. The result - all of these episodes and events are archived into the sub-conscious part of our brain. Our naturally automated system prompts us to look into these fears, when our mind is idle and is free to think of the pending episodes, yet unresolved and unanswered. 

Something constantly nudges us from within to face a certain situation or a thought. But to avoid any uneasiness and discomfort in going back to the once terrifying situation or person or event, we tend to divert our mind, ignoring the calling from within. 

As rightly said by someone, one can never escape one's conscious. In this case, the sub-conscious! So, it takes shape of dreams and reminds you of its unsettled state. But since you do not wish to recall it and fear the mere thought of the unfavorable event, it takes the form of a ghost-like figure or something of disgust and again to avoid it, you awaken hastily and breathless. Repeatedly avoiding it, causes hallucinations and you can then view the already formed person or event ​

Our Fears:

  • Failure
  • Comparison - Being Superior to the Rest 
  • Accepting compliments. I thought acknowledging praise meant you brag, you are proud, but I've learned that knowing your strengths enables you to make use of them. "Don't be so humble; you're not that great." - Quoted by someone
  • The "bitch" Label If everyone likes you, it probably means you aren't saying much. - Oprah​

Monday, January 31, 2011

Justice and God - Answers to Unanswered Questions, Fight Fighters with Smile

Since I was a child, I happened to hear this...the decision taken is half way through the achievement. As expected, I wondered on this one statement until I found reality in it. I have realized that there is nothing to do about good skin, hair or health. No positive thinking also. It's just nothing. Just let nature do it's job, while you can simply take the back-seat and relax. I may be sounding like a lethargic. But I know this is true! As you din't have to first learn to cry when hungry, learn to think, to grow hair on your bald head as a child, or anything of this sort or not.

It is a natural process. Everything is bound to happen on its own. No, you dont have to take care of it. Simply stay happy. This works wonders! There is no myth in this...it is tried and tested, time and again, and has proved NATURALLY. Everything is a natural process. Why interfere and worry on what to eat, what to do, what not to do, how to get, wh.....zzzzzzzzzzzz! chuck it! you dont have to ponder so much on how to react on what other's say, do, and all those 'wh' questions. Simply be happy, laugh heartily and when something pains you, try and avoid thinking about it. Did you not experience this, as a child? A toy you love so much is broken and you cry endlessly, unconsoled, no matter what! you want it back. All your tantrums last for awhile and lo! they are gone, the moment you focus on other good things life has to offer or some other toy, you already had but never took notice of it earlier.
Now it somehow magnetizes your attention. And you are out of your need for the broken one. Why can't we live the same way for things that matter not much, I mean the materialistic things. Why is it then even the most complex relationships can hurt us. Yes, who denies, you are a human and shall and will feel hurt, for certain. But then, for how long? Why is it that you sympathize with yourself when someone hurts you. No, I don't agree to your statement uttered grumpily, as a response to what I just said, "You won't understand? Easier said than done!" Bah! I have gone through this myself. I am no inhuman or heartless. I too have emotions to underlying within me and understood by me. But for nothing in this world, will I leave my side. If I am mistaken, instead of fearing for the loss, I would rather apologize and vow never to do it again. In case of others' mistakes, irrepairable ones, wherein my respect was compromised, there is nothing that can bring me back. At times, I feel like apologizing and so I do. But then, no regrets! Coz life is reaaaaaaly too short for all of these mulling over on things and episodes. My best friend ever said it in one of her mails that she regrets to have had me as her friend. It was like a bee sting. I kept feeling bad about it and the emotions surfaced at times, forming water-like droplets in my eyes, no not tears, but "knowledge in its liquid form'" that chose to drop from my eyes, so that I can open them and know that you cannot always be understood, no matter how good your intentions. Then why not, celebrate the good intentions and the other person's folly in losing you. What is your loss? Someone who misunderstood you and said such harsh words, maybe because you were at the wrong, and could not prove yourself innocent and good. But the loss is surely theirs. You miss the good times, shared with the person who used bitter words against you, but cant help it! How strong and fragile-less, your relationship should have been, to avoid something so stupid as a misunderstanding to intervene the relationship.
Some have to say that why God did this to me. Believe it or not, I have had a few sufferings that shook me out of my cocoon. It is just to say, I do understand these kind of feelings. But why do we questions his whereabouts and the Almighty's reactions? You really want to be in the life of the person who did bad to you, waste all your life in waiting for the justice, that is ought to happen. God has to prepare for the heavy blow for the unjust one. HE does not want you to wait for it and hence brings about developments in your life, for you to move on and see the good part, while HE is plotting against the bad and in no time or maybe more time, the unjust will be punished. It is the law of nature, the apple has to fall on the ground and not fly in the air, what you give, you get back.
Now for the answer to the question often posed by many: Why did God let this happen to me in the first place? I was innocent and did not deserve this.
True! Did I deny? Do you deny? See, you really need to stop sympathizing and wipe those tears, to let your eyes see clearly, where was the loop hole in your end for the other person to have misused it. Be strong and face it! count on your blessings and list down your mistakes. You will be a cautious person the other time, prior to trusting anyone with yourself. You don't have to worry about why did the other person did this to you. That other person is answerable to the Almighty, and to you. Let nature work! Do not intervene! You might want to argue that this does not happen and these unjust ones land up staying happy in spite of their misdeeds! Sorry! but you do not know! When the true nature of the person, who hurt you, could not be revealed to you earlier, how can you now be so sure now about them being happy. How do you know what it feels to be a wrong doer, a bad person. Are you one among them? No! right! then why judge them, when the time was there to judge them, you misjudged them and thought them to be good enough to be worthy of your love. You were mistaken, my friend! and now you want to judge them again about their happiness. You are again wrong. Do not waste your life in judging people, not upto your level. Leave them to be punished and you be happy. Your happiness itself is a punishment to the one who wished wrong for you. So c'mon fight your fighters with your smile!
Knock them Smilingly!!!
Do not question things to sympathize, you don't need sympathy. You need your own love, self-respect, your own strong arms to protect you and your own thoughts to keep you happy. Nothing that someone else will do will have that great an impact on you, if you love yourself. See yourself, as a third person, and I am sure, you will fall in love with your qualities, you never focused on earlier. Hey, but mind you! no superiority complex, huh! ​

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poetry Lovers! Create a Personalized Verse, a Poem to Express your EmotiveAdventure


EmotiveAdventures is a poetry junction. All you have to do is write your emotion as a comment below and post it. Also provide me with your email address and I shall create and send a personalized poem, exclusively for you, based on your given situation. You can use it, gift it, journal it, scrapbook it, do as you like but please don't commercialize the poem as my creation would be copyrighted. The poem will be unique and you will find it nowhere else, coz its created specially - FOR YOU and ON YOU. 
This is free! You don't have to pay for it. So order as many poems as you like.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Found God in Love...Did You?

Our Namaskaram to God!
The idea of love is burning fire
...it destroys everything but not gold. It only melts it to shape it

The idea of love is a computer virus
...it gets into your system and infects you so that you are of no further use

The idea of love is an ash tray
...that ceases the bad habits and surfaces the inner goodness within you

The idea of love is a murder plot
...that disregards the presence of the rest of the alive world for togetherness sake, leaving the love birds alone

The idea of love is a nucleur bomb
...devastates everything for a new world to be born again!
The new born grows to fall in love...
well, the idea of love always was to stay immortal
...while the loved ones die peacefully, feeling happy to have been loved

So basically the idea of love is:
...diminishing everything to derive the pure form of it
and die whole-heartedly

;) so is love kind?
NO, absolutely not...its God disguised as a devil
for the rest of the blind world, but to your beloved, you are God in the truest form, as the face of the divine is revealed and the mask withers away.
Love is not blind
Neither are lovers blind-folded
it is the cruel world
that can't see the image of God in their beloved
so if you want to see God...

fall in love to rise in spirits!
Thumbs up! to all those who are in love!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

In the Limelight - A Symbolism of Life

Life is but the matchless beauty, you see in a leaf: calm, serene, peaceful but surrounded by the contrasting storm, leading it anywhere while the leaf takes comfort in its own strength, relying on destiny for the adventures of life...sometimes stamped, sometimes blown away, sometimes taken by writers to share the secrets of their personal journal in the form of a bookmark, sometimes lying on the ground, lifeless, waiting to die but knowing that nature beholds it. If a leaf could speak, it would say: Life is a beautiful journey of experiences, experience it with the ones who hold you close to your heart and experience the joy in the topsy-turvy ride...never wait to be trampled but experience the joy in life before death. Live a green life!
                                                                                                                                   - As Always - Vyoma