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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a BOOKish idea

The amount of reading i do makes me feel ignorant all the more. i crave for more. the sight of books makes me feel like Alibaba (from Alibaba and Chalis Chor)...it is like a treasure left in the Landmark or Crossword showroom for you to loot. How can they leave it so open?...the bank robbers might change their minds and would instead want to rob the knowledge openly displayed, luring them, provoking them to break in.

When in there, I try reading the blurbs and zeroing on one (max 3) novels (budget issues...u see!)...but my attention is drawn on this another title that seems more interesting than the previous one. At some other corner of the Landmark book shop, i find there is a section on sci-fi graphic novels for kids...my husband sees my attention directed to that section and immediately exclaims, "For Kids, its for kids!" But i race ahead of the seconds tick on the clock and my eyes are penetrating through the hard cover of the books as if they never saw anything so beautiful. I try and find a hide-out place in the shop, wandering as if i were a child still, of staying invisible until the guards close the gates and return home for their good night's sleep. What fun if it could happen! i would explore all the genres, simply read-read and read more...but whatz this?!?! Voila! i am more confused...i cant stick to one book as i want to read all at once! is this some kind of a psychological disorder? i see the ocean and imagine it to have the depth as that of the deep knowledge in books, as if with the waves, as like a page comes to us and tries to reveal some hidden facts or some hidden story.

What more! i see a pile of books in a pillar.

When reading crime stories, i see in everyone a killer.

Oh! this book world!

makes my senses whirl!

at one time, i read a story

at the other, some factual potpourri

an episode - Just very recently i visited a Ganpati kovil and I was amazed at the way it was made with ladoos. I immediately told my husband, I want to create a Ganpati of all the books I have at home. My imagination as wild as it could go; imagined me holding some cut-outs of great words from my treasure trove and pasting it in proper manner to form the shape of Ganpati, the God of Knowledge. The combination of my cut-out words would read some quote or some social message.
How would that be? I got excited and started hopping at my idea. I calmed down and this time the cause was an existing idea overtaken by an other idea. Apparently, this one was equally vague but pretty simple...how about being a librarian who could enjoy the smell of books old and new, the worn-out pages in the books in the library make me feel like i am an explorer, someone whose hands are blessed to get hold of a revealing mystery from the past.
The new ones make me feel the knowledge it contains is sure to enlighten the darker corners within me.

I want to book all the books available in the library
i want to read until my eyes are tired and dreary
i want to purchase all the books that a book shop can hold
i want to read the stories so far untold
i want to read books round the clock
books are the treasure that ignorance cant lock
oh my obsession
teaches me a lesson
that i need to get back to my book

that has the power to hook

young or middle-aged

i feel i am caged

in the boundaries of a certain thinking pattern

books are most certainly a lantern

that can drive away the darkness lying somewhere in the heart

i decide to embrace knowledge and owe to never stay apart

from the books that are a source to gain

not just money, not just fame

But knowledge in its purest form
sharing ideas and stories that are drawn
from people's imagination or their plight
i think the pen is the superpower with all its might
to express the unsaid
the tears that are shed
can all be expressed

...through a


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