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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Forgot the Keys - My Love Story Episode

Yes! I forget the keys to my house often. I land up sitting on the steps doing nothing, wiling away my time waiting for Arun (my husband). I fiddle with my phone and set my Facebook status as "Door locked. Passing time on stairs. Someone please call or chat."
A couple of minutes later, I experience a strange delight in waiting for Arun on the steps. I tend to get irritated easily and initially, but the time spent waiting for him is a bliss.
Sitting on the stairs with folded feet and palms tapping my cheeks, with nothing to do, my thoughts are all filled with moments so realistically and FANTAS(Y)tically romantic.

Every bike screeching sound lifts my spirits. I run from the steps to the verendah and lean on the parapet to fetch a good look of him.
Him! Lifting his helmet away from his head
Him! Stylishly fixing his strangled hair
Him! Never failing to look up with a guilty smile flashing on his face, lifting my day
"guilty" because no matter what, he always blames himself for any inconvenience, I face.
Me! coquettishly smiling back at him
I know, I know! He is the sweetest
...and the love we share is the deepest.
Hey! Whatz this! I finally found my keys
No! Not the keys to my door
But the key to my happiness.
And this key can never be forgotten
Coz this key is with Him! My Arun! ;)  

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