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Sunday, December 27, 2009

News for the Unloved Damsels

Wildly running across the streets and moving with a pace that blurs the image of the street lamps posted, the newspaper boy is yelling to reach the deaf ears of “aam janta (common people)” “aaj ki taaza khabar! Aaj ki taaza khabar!”

A damsel on the verandah of the ground floor apartment, with her tresses falling on her tender, delicate arms; grounded the rushing heels of the bare-footed newspaper boy and he turned to respond as if questioned, "bibiji, news badi taaza hai."

the girl with her lashes fixed on the neighbor's window turned to look at the boy and shreiked "Get lost"! it was as if the vocal cord of the devil was adopted by this contrast-looking sweet gal...the boy took to his heels...the girl then realized maybe the news was something she couldnt afford to miss out on...

she called him back and bartered two rupees in exchange for the piece of news.

Alas! What was that...it was like a blow on her soft, pink, rosy cheeks. she exhibited her inhuman nature again by creating a thunder storm with her horror voice to let all the people in the locality know about the disaster.

The earth started trembling, the women of the locality mourned...”what is the news asked a pedestrain looking at the feminine crowd?”, with anxiety...

The women folk with throats choked in emotion and eyes welled up with tears bursted in chorus, "Arun got married...to NONE OF US." :( saddie saddie...boo hoo!!! :):):)

U know why am I smiling, right!!! Coz i am Arun's gal soon to be married to him. Wanted to gift him this blog on our second anniversary of togetherness...hope ya reading, Arnie!

Readers! is this worth the effort? you think he will like this HEADLINES and the storyline as a gift?

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