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Friday, February 26, 2010

Is 3 Idiots another entertainer or is it truly influencing the system?

I think 3 Idiots is nothing more than an entertainer to most. It’s sad to know that people like Chatur are still needed in the market and are respected and judged by their scores. I understand the system would require some sort of a winning line, a finishing line that can measure the success criteria of the candidate as to what category the student falls into. But wuv! am I being sarcastic in saying who would judge the child’s intelligence man! Is it calculated by a mere marksheet…who knows how much of the percentage is acquired by opting the cheat theory or by prompts from the person sitting next in the examination hall…does anyone know that “thumbs up” does not always mean “all the best” but it means the deal is fixed…its DONE! its OK that you help me with answers pertaining to certain topics while I assist you in copying answers to the rest of the subjective questions.

Result: The lowest-scorer or rather a person unable to deal with the other so-called-smart kiddies are the losers. Coz smartness is not measured with your IQ but your cunningness in not applying theories but inventing theories to cheat the supervisor.

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