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Friday, October 22, 2010

Your Dream Man - A Wacky Description

If your description matches the one described in here: you sure need someone who is the opposite to understand how beautiful a feeling love is. So gurls, feel the same as written below:
Change your mind before you lose your mind! ;)

My dream man should be a dream and not a nightmare!
My binocular eyes are looking for a fat man coz i am sure he loves to eat goodies and is a gourmet. Soemone who would be emotive towards savories of all kinds and i shall be given oppurtunities to grab some too. :) I want a bald man to appreciate my tresses, a man with not-so-good-sense-of-humor for him to not understand my practical jokes. Instead, I want a man whom i can amuse with my sense of humor. A less hanky-panky guy with simple looks coz if he is a hunk, you bet! I sure am not competing for him.
My dream man should hate chocolates coz I dont like sharing mine! chuckle! He should hate travelling so that i can borrow his scooty since i dont have one. His name should be tree-trunk long so that i can have a pet name for him and can treat him like one too! tee hee! He could be anything: a chef (am a foodie here!), a hair stylist (after all, who wouldnt want to be pampered), a fashion photographer (posing is comfortable with your guy and also more chances of being shown up as a model-look-alike), a poet (so that he amuses his muse).

Note: This aint my dream man for sure! this is a wackiest idea possible for a dream man! mine is a TDH - tall, dark and handsome and i have booked one already...hah! a wise decision...a person with traits: wise and someone who can take up my mood swings, does anything for my comfort, does not make me feel that he completes me but makes me feel complete within myself...independent yet dependent on me for his emotional needs...yes! he is my man! and not the wacky one! :)

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