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Monday, October 18, 2010


suppose, she asks him out for a date
suppose, he doesn't come out for a date
suppose, she asks someone to ask him out for a date
suppose, he takes THAT someone out for a date
suppose, she doesn't get angry,
suppose, he thought she should have been angry
suppose, it was his act of making her J
suppose, it was her act of not feeling J
suppose, he thought she is not possessive about him,
suppose, she thought he would love her not being possessive about him,
suppose, he took it as an indifferent attitude,
suppose, she dint intend to throw that indifferent attitude,
suppose, he decided to never speak to her again
suppose, she took it to heart and vowed never to speak to him again
suppose, they stop talking to each other
don't suppose! coz for sure! the relationship is wounded
suppose! they try to heal!
don't suppose! coz alas! itz too late
so letz decide to understand and speak to our loved ones about every little thing and never never never fight owing to some misunderstanding...coz this mis is better missed...so that understanding is retained...cheers to love relationships!!!
and the boat sails ever after
and the happinezz retains ever after
and the relationship flourishes ever after
and the hip-hip-hurray is heard ever after
and the couplehood's glory is hailed ever after
Love- never-ending, fights-ever-ending
From the box-office of Vyoma - copyrighted...this is for personal use ONLY...authors' creation...long live  celebration

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