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Monday, January 31, 2011

Justice and God - Answers to Unanswered Questions, Fight Fighters with Smile

Since I was a child, I happened to hear this...the decision taken is half way through the achievement. As expected, I wondered on this one statement until I found reality in it. I have realized that there is nothing to do about good skin, hair or health. No positive thinking also. It's just nothing. Just let nature do it's job, while you can simply take the back-seat and relax. I may be sounding like a lethargic. But I know this is true! As you din't have to first learn to cry when hungry, learn to think, to grow hair on your bald head as a child, or anything of this sort or not.

It is a natural process. Everything is bound to happen on its own. No, you dont have to take care of it. Simply stay happy. This works wonders! There is no myth in this...it is tried and tested, time and again, and has proved NATURALLY. Everything is a natural process. Why interfere and worry on what to eat, what to do, what not to do, how to get, wh.....zzzzzzzzzzzz! chuck it! you dont have to ponder so much on how to react on what other's say, do, and all those 'wh' questions. Simply be happy, laugh heartily and when something pains you, try and avoid thinking about it. Did you not experience this, as a child? A toy you love so much is broken and you cry endlessly, unconsoled, no matter what! you want it back. All your tantrums last for awhile and lo! they are gone, the moment you focus on other good things life has to offer or some other toy, you already had but never took notice of it earlier.
Now it somehow magnetizes your attention. And you are out of your need for the broken one. Why can't we live the same way for things that matter not much, I mean the materialistic things. Why is it then even the most complex relationships can hurt us. Yes, who denies, you are a human and shall and will feel hurt, for certain. But then, for how long? Why is it that you sympathize with yourself when someone hurts you. No, I don't agree to your statement uttered grumpily, as a response to what I just said, "You won't understand? Easier said than done!" Bah! I have gone through this myself. I am no inhuman or heartless. I too have emotions to underlying within me and understood by me. But for nothing in this world, will I leave my side. If I am mistaken, instead of fearing for the loss, I would rather apologize and vow never to do it again. In case of others' mistakes, irrepairable ones, wherein my respect was compromised, there is nothing that can bring me back. At times, I feel like apologizing and so I do. But then, no regrets! Coz life is reaaaaaaly too short for all of these mulling over on things and episodes. My best friend ever said it in one of her mails that she regrets to have had me as her friend. It was like a bee sting. I kept feeling bad about it and the emotions surfaced at times, forming water-like droplets in my eyes, no not tears, but "knowledge in its liquid form'" that chose to drop from my eyes, so that I can open them and know that you cannot always be understood, no matter how good your intentions. Then why not, celebrate the good intentions and the other person's folly in losing you. What is your loss? Someone who misunderstood you and said such harsh words, maybe because you were at the wrong, and could not prove yourself innocent and good. But the loss is surely theirs. You miss the good times, shared with the person who used bitter words against you, but cant help it! How strong and fragile-less, your relationship should have been, to avoid something so stupid as a misunderstanding to intervene the relationship.
Some have to say that why God did this to me. Believe it or not, I have had a few sufferings that shook me out of my cocoon. It is just to say, I do understand these kind of feelings. But why do we questions his whereabouts and the Almighty's reactions? You really want to be in the life of the person who did bad to you, waste all your life in waiting for the justice, that is ought to happen. God has to prepare for the heavy blow for the unjust one. HE does not want you to wait for it and hence brings about developments in your life, for you to move on and see the good part, while HE is plotting against the bad and in no time or maybe more time, the unjust will be punished. It is the law of nature, the apple has to fall on the ground and not fly in the air, what you give, you get back.
Now for the answer to the question often posed by many: Why did God let this happen to me in the first place? I was innocent and did not deserve this.
True! Did I deny? Do you deny? See, you really need to stop sympathizing and wipe those tears, to let your eyes see clearly, where was the loop hole in your end for the other person to have misused it. Be strong and face it! count on your blessings and list down your mistakes. You will be a cautious person the other time, prior to trusting anyone with yourself. You don't have to worry about why did the other person did this to you. That other person is answerable to the Almighty, and to you. Let nature work! Do not intervene! You might want to argue that this does not happen and these unjust ones land up staying happy in spite of their misdeeds! Sorry! but you do not know! When the true nature of the person, who hurt you, could not be revealed to you earlier, how can you now be so sure now about them being happy. How do you know what it feels to be a wrong doer, a bad person. Are you one among them? No! right! then why judge them, when the time was there to judge them, you misjudged them and thought them to be good enough to be worthy of your love. You were mistaken, my friend! and now you want to judge them again about their happiness. You are again wrong. Do not waste your life in judging people, not upto your level. Leave them to be punished and you be happy. Your happiness itself is a punishment to the one who wished wrong for you. So c'mon fight your fighters with your smile!
Knock them Smilingly!!!
Do not question things to sympathize, you don't need sympathy. You need your own love, self-respect, your own strong arms to protect you and your own thoughts to keep you happy. Nothing that someone else will do will have that great an impact on you, if you love yourself. See yourself, as a third person, and I am sure, you will fall in love with your qualities, you never focused on earlier. Hey, but mind you! no superiority complex, huh! ​

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