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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Found God in Love...Did You?

Our Namaskaram to God!
The idea of love is burning fire
...it destroys everything but not gold. It only melts it to shape it

The idea of love is a computer virus
...it gets into your system and infects you so that you are of no further use

The idea of love is an ash tray
...that ceases the bad habits and surfaces the inner goodness within you

The idea of love is a murder plot
...that disregards the presence of the rest of the alive world for togetherness sake, leaving the love birds alone

The idea of love is a nucleur bomb
...devastates everything for a new world to be born again!
The new born grows to fall in love...
well, the idea of love always was to stay immortal
...while the loved ones die peacefully, feeling happy to have been loved

So basically the idea of love is:
...diminishing everything to derive the pure form of it
and die whole-heartedly

;) so is love kind?
NO, absolutely not...its God disguised as a devil
for the rest of the blind world, but to your beloved, you are God in the truest form, as the face of the divine is revealed and the mask withers away.
Love is not blind
Neither are lovers blind-folded
it is the cruel world
that can't see the image of God in their beloved
so if you want to see God...

fall in love to rise in spirits!
Thumbs up! to all those who are in love!

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