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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to Chennai - The Club for Chennai Newcomers (WTC)

New in Chennai? Explore Chennai: Chennai events, Chennai elites, Chennai lifestyle! Let us have a WTC (Welcome to Chennai) club. I am initiating this club to have budding Chennaites group to mingle and explore the city and its culture. It is a new place and hence we tend to lose ourselves in the midst of this new crowd of people, the language and the culture. I have adapted to the language and can manage with the titbits and the basic broken Tamil, I learned and practiced. I shifted to this new city in the late days of June, 2010 and since then am trying to place my foot in here. Married to a Tamilian, it sure comes a little easy to me, though! Letz be city-omniscient, future perfect Chennaites! 

The first Chennai city club, open to all! We sure would be needing an anchoring point and guess what! We would be holding our social get-together sessions at every place of importance in the city. We will explore the art, the culture, the events, the happenings of the place and will popularize our group with social help and our own new budding writers and readers book club as well. Share your poetry, or film criticisms, or the like. We can have a discussion on any-any topic. People with varied interests spice up the group!

So newcomers, young or old, are all invited to Chennai to network and socialize with other new comers. We shall not have an age bar so that we get to mingle with the lot. We will meet language experts and city experts too. Letz look around and take a tour of this magnificent city, all by ourselves! Letz learn and be friends with other fellow Chennai newcomers.

Are you in for it? If you have other ideas in your mind for the group, you are welcome to drop in your ideas and activities you would be seeking in the WTC group. It could be arts, books, simply fun, partying or chatting. Letz share our emotive adventures in this new place. So, Emotives! Are you ready? Letz Communicate! 

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