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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Emotive Adventures - The Book and Writing Club Flyer

Hello, Would-be-Emotives...yes thatz the name! you can tag it along with your biological names, if and when you are a part of this budding Emotive Adventures Book Club. 
No! Not only a book club! It's a Writing Club as well - one of its kind. So all you elites! Know more on Emotive Adventures - It's bright but hueless...Welcome to the black-and-white print world of books...
where prints talk!
we read to hear...
we comment
and we love to comment TOGETHER

...at our own Emotive Adventures Book and Writing Club!
You feel you can't handle it any more! I am addressing your burning desire to write? Sail in! Coz your writing has a platform now! Emotive listeners are the best to review and give you the required comments on your work of art...your masterpiece.
Want to join? Something's stopping you...this is it! The one-stop 'Membership Survey'. This is to evaluate the members expectations from our own book and writing club, Emotive Adventures.
Please provide your answers in the comments section for the membership questionnaire given below. 
We will soon have a website of our own group titled 'Emotive Adventures'! Its a long success journey. Can we start now? Bon Voyage! :)
  1. What do you hope to gain from membership with the Emotive Adventures?      
  2. What is your choice of genre? and do you have a rough idea of the rating?     
  3. Do you have any exceptions to genres you are willing to review? (eg. mystery, children fiction, horror, spiritual, psychological, etc)
  4. Your choice- contemporary/classic?     
  5. I understand that I am expected to review the work of other members in an effort to assist them improve their writing. Yes/No
  6. I declare I will treat other members and their work and comments with respect. I understand failure to do so may result in my being removed from the group. Yes/No
  7. Would you prefer an online discussion or discuss it over coffee? I mean the tea-together club? 
  8. Provide your choice of reading list!
P.S. Kindly forward it to your friends who are book lovers and whom you feel are worthy enough to join our club!

Thanks and Regards,
Vyoma Arun - The Founder of the Club - Emotive Adventures!

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