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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Questioning My Thoughts!

Image Courtesy: TSiBA Education

Is it real to think?
             to think and speak?
             to speak and regret?
             to regret and plead
             to plead and continue to plead for forgiveness from within

no matter how hard I try to think and act
the reactions turn out to be the most unexpected
is this what u call destiny? 
or foolishness of not having things under your control?
I think I have thought enough
Maybe its unreal! Unreal to think and think and do nothing but think
So to turn my thinking into reality, I shall do what I think and not just think
so now that i have figured out the answers to my questions, I shall end this blog with a wink ;)
Silly me and my thoughts - SILLIER! for sure!
Everybody's are...i suppose! 

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