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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello World! This is the Thinker's Zone!

You are a thinker and are welcome to the Thinker's Zone! 
Spare yourself with some brainstorming questions that make us moan
Why do we find the need to share ideas?
A special someone 
or simply no-one
must read our mind
it gives us pleasure
of some wierd-est kind
to learn your thoughts
to affirm your ideas
to make us feel that 
our views are not unheard
someone must be capable to read and spend time to listen to us
why is this a human tendency
why are emotions in this world considered with leniency
it is only this medium of internet
where we type and to express views, we do not fret
The subject of Thinkology has never been found
we call it philosophy but its not theories to which our thought process is bound
we need to learn, we need to ask,
lets share and discuss thoughts till they last
that habitat our tender minds
why are dreams called dreams and not absurd ideas?
why is everyone teaching lessons of wisdom?
who has explored the wisdom kingdom? 
why does talking our mind, considered as a waste of time?
why are questions still unsolved
why only the quest of answers is exciting but when we derive these solutions, the excitement disappears
we, like vagabonds go hunting after another wave of thoughts and try to find answers for those new questions
is this the way of life?
or our thinking pattern?
knowledge is the only lantern
so lets bring together this flame of thoughts and understanding on every subject
and glow a fireball from it for the light to enlighten our darkest mind! 

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