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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My recent trip to Kerala was altogether a new life for me. The ayurvedic massages were not only soothing my body and mind, but I felt so saintly as if a great, big burden has been suddenly lifted from my shoulders. I never felt so at ease. To re-live this memory later, I even posed as a Buddhist and allowed the time to stand still in my camera. 
The tea leaves plantations and the herbs are a delightful thing to watch and learn. Munnar has more trees than people and what you breathe is peace. Kumrakom and its back water resorts make you sense the personification in the elements of nature. Nature speaks! Don't believe me? Get, set, march to Kerala and experience the houseboat experience at Allepey, where the life of people is on water: instead of bus stops, they have boat stops, school boats, and you get your groceries at your door step by people yelling and selling in their pheri boats. Kerala symbolizes the human soul: free and God-like. 

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