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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pigeon or Soldier - Whats the Right Approach to Life?

It's been really long since I wrote something. I am currently going through a state, wherein, I can see something unpleasant coming up but can't control the happenings.
Should I be more like a pigeon like in the olden days, that used to send letters to the intended recipients, unknown about the reaction it could evoke in the reader. Still flying merrily in the open sky, holding the letter in his meek beak, soaring higher midst nature, blinking eyelids watching the whole, timid, worldly people with even timid understanding or knowledge of the blissful nature, submissive to air, allowing the cool breeze to fondle its feathers carelessly yet lovingly, while the pigeon never cares about the mishap that is going to befall with that message it carries
Should I be more like a soldier, who would never let anything or anybody evil to trespass the borders? Someone so inclined in protecting the family of country people, that is even ready to take the poisonous shots that could take away the soldier's breath and life and blood. But??? but the soldier is honored for his sacrifice. What if I be a soldier and protect but am labelled as a traitor for my sacrifices and good intention that could be regarded as a way to display some invisible enmity?

I ain't sure of the name, but there was some character in Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, who could foresee the future...wanted to stop his own people from approaching it and continued to persuade his beings about the terrible foresight...
but the fate had it!
the disaster did happen and that particular person, who could foresee, was left with a heavy heart.

Are situations really in control?
Can we change things on our own?
I am sure there are answers everywhere around me
Maybe I need to pick up the right clues
...interpret it correctly and...

No! am just gasping enough air and sighing coz I dont know how to lead myself as a winner, in this situation

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