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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Today!!! Just This One Girl!

Its just today I saw a girl, of all the girls I see everyday, with streaked curls
she was just the one with that happy carefree thingy about her
nothing so simple about her grabbed my attention but her flamboyant air about her
oh! how much she showed up among the crowd by doing nothing
her locks of hair locked me in admiration
I gazed at this one girl, of all the girls I see everyday, with that smile that had the perfect curve, and bent just exactly right to enlighten her beautiful face
She was this, one, that walked with some feeling in her that she is beautiful, oh the look! just like she knows her feet are trespassing several pumping hearts...all of them beating for her one glance
she defined beauty
She simply defined the essence of goddess - an angel you are not likely to see in all the girls you see everyday, but this one girl
Her eyes had that hideous mischievous look, a look of trust that suggests life is beautiful so chill! if you have any problems, coz there are none
she smiled like she is mocking at the simpletons of the world for not realizing that there is nothing that exists that is not beautiful
she fulfilled me with her one look
she kinda made my heart sing for her like my heart is some guitar with the strings attached to hers and she is simply just playing a tune with her delicate fingers
oh! her tresses that majestically are placed on her shoulder and laugh, when she laughs, blowing gently on her face and giving her the look that many sigh for and on!
it just took me awhile to realize that the mirror does not always shows the true self but only makes us realize what we are making of our true self
I then walked out of the washroom, away from the mirror, to see me as I was and as I am and as I want to be, my walk blew away the dust that once once coming in my way, blurring my sight and making me feel all the while that i have lost my beauty - my beautiful self...this walk! this walk is different...
...it still carries the image of me, 5 years younger and now 5 years younger again! :)
Huh! i finally did find myself. 

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