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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Remember a Story Teller

I remember a story teller…in me

The teller is now searching the story

…the story not untold but a dimension of the story that is yet to unfold.

No! Nothing different but the unique way of looking at the story as the story of your life

..remember the Potli Baba Ki from Doordarshan – a man with a bundle of short stories that he hung on his shoulders

He imagined and made others imagine that the bundle of cloth indeed had stories

..and he would pull out the one, most matching to your life

He would come up with hopes, aspirations we may have lost

…while leading our lives, our strength may fade

And these stories provide us with the most awaited shade

Shade from the heated arguments with our people, shade from the long sunny days, through which we toil hard to earn a fortune

A secret known to the ones who see or read…

that it is in these stories that values and imagination breeds

“Stories”…I say “Stories” and it evokes a lot of memories in you and in me

And I want to be not much but a storyteller, who is remembered when you hear the magical word “stories” again.

I want to be part of not a publishing house but a part of your memory

I want to be heard and read                                                    

I want to be understood and want to understand…

…the characters in my story

They speak through words, letters of which float on my mind

They type their characters through my fingertips

They play and plot a story on my keyboard like an involuntary rhythm of a pianist that requires no direction

I am a storyteller

Are you willing to hear what I want to say???

…about you – to you???

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