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Monday, January 27, 2014

Did I Really Grow Up?

Thank God, I have grown

Grown to understand that when you’re compared, it’s the silliness of the person comparing and you’ve got nothing to feel ashamed of

Grown to know that I am more than what someone told me I’d be when I grow up

Grown to understand that what I thought as a child about adults was so so wrong

Grown to understand that maturity is a power…as compared to the powerless child who cant protect itself from being bullied

Grown to known the speech of love, to un-learn certain things I learnt wrongly in childhood, one of it is - believe in unreal

Grown to know how to pay my bills and not throw tantrums on the road for a PSP

Grown to know the politicians and their political, diplomatic ways

Grown to pause and re-consider, re-think that I was better off as a child

I did grow up but never in my ways to see everyone with the eyes of the heart

I have instead grown to see people with suspicion, like every other grown-up, feeling insecured

I did grow up but never to know that though I know the ways of the world, I don’t know how to make the world a happier place

So what, if I grew old to understand the diplomatic ways, but as a child, I could use my innocence to change the perception of the world I had, now I am incapable to do that as well

Knowing the truth hasn’t helped much but perceiving the truth, the way I wanted to, was possible only when I was a child

I believed in fairies, I believed in Santa, I believed in good triumphs over the bad, believing I’ll be a super-woman, but I grew…

I grew up and I now have nothing to believe but to survive

Thank God, I was once a child!

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