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Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet the Winner in Me

Yes! Am a winner!

So what if I have bought the ticket to a lottery that is never going to make it to billions! But I have WON the ticket, coz I WON the opportunity to earn the money to buy the ticket. 

So what if I have WON the race, nobody participated in. But I ran and I WON it. 

So what if I have WON only the time to write a book or a poem, but I have WON the time unlike many of you, who have no time for their passion. Who dream of being a winner. I am a winner coz I wrote what I wanted to. You are a loser who did not get the time to read what I have written and appreciated some good thing in your life. What a waste of your life!

So what if it is just some fun time that I WON. But I won it after finishing my work and meeting deadlines in office.

So what if I won only my appreciation, but I won MY appreciation, and that’s all that matters to my heart. I can understand you have no time to appreciate. So its fine. Let peace be with you!

So what if I have wasted time in my life, I have won that time for my leisure. No regrets!J

So what if I have not got your time for a cuppa coffee, but I have won the time you last gave me, making me feel at peace. Now when my time has come to give it back to you, alas! You have no time to lose WIN my words.

So what if I am a loser for someone, who did not care for my feelings, made me feel dumb and walked away. I won peace of mind, because I never used anybody’s innocence and I am STILL ROCK-SOLID ;) Try harder 

No! I don’t want to win your life race…coz I chose to differ, to not participate in your competitive race. I WIN again! coz I make races for myself, and you run races, set by others. My race is to be ahead of love in loving my people, be ahead of time in caring for my people and be ahead of failures to not be outreached by it. 

I am a winner, coz I won your time, while you were reading this.
Thanks for reading this.
Oh yes! You too are a Winner! You finally won some sense, after reading this.

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