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Friday, January 27, 2012


I fear to live the life that is created in my mind...But I want to know how my imagination will affect a human life.
So I create characters in my stories. I make them live the terror I cant possibly survive through, but I do! Through them. And thinking the character as me, I struggle to give them a heroic exit. You might think every writer does the same. Could be! but how far can they think of the terror, they inscribe. I dont type it away, I dont play with my characters. I live their feelings. I feel the fear they feel. I feel they are in a storm I created for them. It affects me psychologically. I feel breathless when I read not just my characters but the characters of other stories. Welcome to your story. Today I met you, i wrote about you. Tomorrow I meet someone else, I write about them.  The day after I connect the both of you in my stories. I put you into situations in my story and help you escape. Well, if you can't i.e. if my mind exhausts, I am sorry but your character in my story ends.
Picture adopted from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54575597@N02/ 

I am ready for the journey of YOUR life through MY mind. 

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