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Monday, March 5, 2012

I Fell in Love with Myself

...when I felt myself as if I were you

when I saw myself with your eyes

when I touched the mirror and admired every asset of beauty I possessed

...but never guessed

that I could be so beautiful in your eyes

...as i mirrored myself through you

looking at myself from your perspective

I thought nobody could be as imaginative

As God – the Almighty,

...who made me as angelic as me

I got overwhelmed, I cried

A tear in me made my heart ache


I realized I am looking at myself, admiring myself from your heart, from your eyes

So actually it is you, who felt the ache on seeing me cry

Oh Good Lord! You made me a Goddess, Arun!

I kept touching my reflection in the mirror

I saw my eyeballs reflecting an image of me…

Laughing, giggling with wet eyes, crying for a teddy hug, snuggling in your arms to get your attention, cuddling underneath your collar,  

I turned right and left…nodded in the negative, turned behind to see your image, next to me

I missed seeing you

I so missed you

I scratched my nails on the mirror

I wanted to see you

I scratched my body open

And tore apart my heart

My body wailed and wailed of pain

Eyes moist, tears reciprocated

But I didn't hear anything

I didn't sense anything

All because I just so badly wanted to see you

My heart got torn, but all I saw was a smiling face of ME

I tore my hair apart…I panicked

Couldn’t find you...

Still panicky, I went crying and shouting calling out your name

My deepest and most urgent desire was to see you

The desire to see you maddened me

I missed..i realized if it was I, then the heart when torn apart would show ur image and not mine

I realized I loved myself and admired myself BEING YOU…but not as much as I love you and admire you

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