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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Importance of Language

I think it’s good to have English for Indians, in India, as our second language. We got to explore British English at first, during pre-independence and then post-independence era. Now we even explore Australian and American English, at large. We are the largest audience for Hollywood stuff and buff…India has gained an important trade centre mark for countries that excel 'mostly and only', in their first language. 

We explore Indian national languages and the variety and mix of these languages, though eliminating, or rather modifying the traditional standards, we are actually developing new and brilliant ways of communication, especially in the copywriting and advertisement industry. Language is no more a barrier for those who find it difficult to communicate…every human is now finding it easy to express their ideas and thoughts…in real terms; I think this is a re-intro of the Renaissance era that has developed at a macro level. Our understanding has broadened even towards sign languages and gestures…and simple terms such as “like…ummm” “you know…something like”. You don’t need to say anything beyond that…coz language had earlier lost its essence and only good communication and great vocabulary had a place in the world. But now, what we witness in this generation is that language has re-acquired and claimed back its essence as a “means of communication”, basically. 

True, people who adorn language and use it in the best possible ways, such as writers and poets, are respected and shall always hold the high literary place in our minds and hearts and shall always occupy that inexplicable respect in our eyes…but words, though still, is a blessing for few to use it immaculately, for others it still works as a medium of communication, whether improper or proper. Reminds me of a simple example: in Urdu, they say “tashreef rakhiye” (please lay your ass), is the literal meaning of it. But the politeness and poetic rhythm it uses, makes it sound far more classy and literary than the plain and simple “please sit”. Mark the difference. If a writer wanted to say you are beautiful, the words would be plucked from the ever-blooming garden of vocabulary to express a simple “You are beautiful”. But thanks to the current language use, even a common language user can say “you are beautiful” by simply uttering, “You know what..umm…you are like…umm...errr like a rose..no! i mean Katrina Kaif or Syndie Crawford”. "all I am saying is you are beautiful". 
What I am pointing at, is that language and great use of language are two different entities, and pressurizing good use of language might result in people stammering, feeling less confident about them, but instead if intentions are prioritized, maybe a simple man saying “I love you” would mean more romantic than perhaps a writer saying the same. 

But as am authoring this blog, I realize I started off with the subject stating “importance of language, even as a second language, is a far better opportunity to learn and express your views and ideas in multiple languages and dialects, than in your own primary English language.” But guess I ended up a little more "like…umm..J
You got it, right! ;)
I guess that’s how we communicate. Please note I am writing based on my observation only. It may differ from yours. Post in your ideas, if different. And share your ideas, if similar, let’s converse.


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