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Monday, March 4, 2013

It Takes a Lot to Be Tagged As Normal

Wet your sleeves with tears you want to hide from the world

Wet your eyes in your attempt to not yawn during meetings

Act confident when all you want to do is shy away in a corner of your room with the door bolted tight

Bring on what life has in store for you today, even if you are not up to it

Act cheerful when your actual desire is to cry away in peace

Greet people when in real, you want to slap them right then and there

Smile unnecessarily looking at the familiar faces, when on the contrary, you wish to frown

Lie often for the truth needs to be covered within your eye lids ONLY.

Talk machines, not emotions when at work – so what if you sound inhuman

Listen even while your hand is fiddling in your bag for your ear phones to listen to music instead

Say ‘WoW’ when a friend gifts you, even if you feel there is no ‘WoWness’ factor to it

Feel used but still be of use to your seniors, without any uffs and buts

And when you are done with all this,

…Go to the beach, look left, look right, when you find no one around

Assume you have reached your madness and the time when you walked to the beach is midnight in the middle of your sleep


Finally visit your psychologist and hear her say, calmly

“See…I told you…you are normal” J

Now that you have the certificate of being sane and normal, go on to do all the abnormal things again…coz unnatural is abnormal.

Are you laughing reading this?

Well, I don’t take it to heart as I know you are actually crying…you see, thatz Normal ;)

Enjoy your emotive adventures…laugh, cry, yell, stay upset, jump and slap, coz you are a human with emotions and your emotions describe you.
And you narrate your emotions at emotiveadventures.blogspot.com

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