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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Habit Vs Love - A Note for My Love...Written Out of Habit

I check the lock twice before leaving for office – Habit!

I make myself some tea, when home alone…but add sugar for two cups of tea, and then remember you aint home – Love!

I struggle throughout the day, dealing with difficult people at work and stringent deadlines – Habit!

I challenge life for more work by throwing an attitude that I will handle it all, because you are with me – Love!

I see wrong – Habit!

I speak about the wrong, I saw – Habit again!

I speak to you about the wrong I saw and seek your support –Love!

I break your heart – Habit!

I find out that my heart is broken too – Love!

I see life as a beautiful present – Habit!

I see life in you – Love!

I am tired by the end of the day, as I reach my body’s capacity to take no more – Habit!
I wipe off my sweat, freshen up and march towards the kitchen to cook something for you – Love!

I begin my day in the wee hours of morning – Habit!

I begin my day by kissing your forehead – Love!

I feel lost and insecure, when something alarms me, something that looks like danger – Habit!

I feel like a fighter and confront these feelings and danger itself, just because you are next to me – Love!

I sleep with a blanket over me – Habit!

I sleep with your arms around me - Love!

Husbands are bread winners of the family – Habit!

Husbands are the reason why a wife will bring herself to eat bread – Love!

I feel beautiful – Habit!

I feel beautiful with a blush because you complimented me – Love!

I breathe – Habit!

I breathe for you – Love!

I save – Habit!

I save for the beautiful future you promised me – a kid and a home, and a happy family – Love!

No matter what, remember as you will, out of habit, that I love you, only because I love you…no reasons attached. Money for me is not a priority but means towards a secured future…you for me are not a priority, but my reason to be born a human, a woman and the woman who loves you. You are the reason for my existence. If money can be weighed above all this, then you are someone whom I encashed on my way from heaven to Earth. You are my money and I am wealthy, walk away from me, over me, and I am the poorest soul on earth…a body with no substance.

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