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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I am Afraid to be a Human and I am Afraid to be a Woman, Even More...


I am afraid to be a human, and I am afraid to be a woman, even more

Coz situations sometime topple on me

And I stand there, unbalanced, ready to fall

Hoping to be held, hoping to be saved

And then I learn that loved ones stand by your side

But not when you stand against them

You may be right, my dear

But proving it…exhausts you

When expected to prove, you feel weak and numb

When arguing, you spill the venom and wish you were dumb

But I know for sure, my words are my power

My speech though assumed wrongly as a dictator’s

It has the power of a woman, the power of education

The power of differing from right to wrong

The power of innocence and righteousness

I proclaim myself to be a true friend, the truest wife, a soul so committed

That in living these roles, I prioritize myself, always the second

Coz I know, I need no more pampering from me

Well, sometimes I do…

Make a note of it

And surprise me…

Coz after all, I too am a human

In this society, I am afraid to be a woman

I began my life’s learning, thus:

As a child, I learnt I am a girl

I grew to learn the word ‘afraid’

Then I turned into a woman

And now I know what being afraid means

Nevertheless, I am powerful

And my powerfulness worries others

Sometimes my loved ones

And so I have decided to hide this power

Somewhere within me

Let the spark be in me

And fight, when need be!

But by being a woman, I have realized

I choose to be powerless, and that makes me even more powerful

I have learnt the power behind being submissive, at times in life

Only my loved ones are privileged to see my submissive avatar

And they too won’t be spared to know the power…

I withhold in me,

It’s the power that makes me ME

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