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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Possibility - Supernatural Experiences

I have begun to think about ghosts lately…
and I have a feeling they are just images of people who lived there caught in the fragments of time.

It’s when a person is in their most vulnerable state, where he or she wants to understand the intricacies of nature, it is then that the images hidden by time are seen. It doesn’t mean the people or so called ghosts exist there… it is just that we tend to experience or live their lives and the reason the temperature drops as most people say, it could be because we are time travelling. It’s like in the same background, someone has lived there, experienced emos and feelings and now when we are sharing the same background, we are re-living the stories only if we wish to, when we sit silently for hours, gazing at the place around..wanting to know the history of the place…or when our eyes are seeing but we are lost.

I think it is then that we tap into our yet-unexplored intelligence, some hidden part of it, where we are able to see what happened there or who lived there but in the form of a reflection in water..like watermark or something like that. It’s a superpower to see history with our own eyes! It’s like a recording…a visual that we experience, we see it as it was, at that point of time. The person is gone but the image exists. Its like the actors are gone but the video recording still plays the act, only when you want to see it and press the start button. Quite possible, don’t you think so? 

A projector sort of!?!? I am still wondering if my assumption could be true! 

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