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Monday, June 29, 2015

Unable to Continue...

I dont quite remember when was the last I blogged. I write so much, I feel so much, think so much that I wish to write about...but something! there has to be something that is causing a hindrance.

No, sorry, procrastination and laziness is ruled out!

I so much want to write but it seems like words are evading me. I am unable to continue with anything. I have ample drafts that thank heavens, Microsoft Word has chosen to save it for me, in hope that I shall complete some of my drafts some day. The only some"thing" that has still hopes pinned on me. 
Something in me is changing secretly and though I feel it is for good...I am finding it difficult to let go off my old self. 
Right now, I am hearing the birds chirp so merrily and melodiously...though I listen to them tweet each day, I find it so refreshing and new. I am seeing the city traffic out my gates, with the same honking sound but it feels like music to me now. Just for a moment, no vehicle passes and my ears capture the sound of silence, so magical it is. The still mountains at the far corner, stay still, and their loftiness seems to have some story in it. I am loving the trees that are like grannies, who know it all - the stories of the people who lived here previously, their days, their nights...everything!
There is so much to write about, to explore, to discover, to know, to comprehend and yet, here I am unable to continue to write about subjects so overwhelming. 

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