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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meant to Meet, Met to Mate!!!

I could see the reflection of the dying sunlight above me. It sparkled the water and I saw it from the
bottom of the lake, as if the color of the setting sun had the lake water as its palette and it just got mixed up with the colorless water, giving it some hue.
They say a dive is refreshing and so it was! Is it just the oxygen in water or the purity of oxygen in water that gives this energizing a feel, I wonder! Happiness, love, lust, nothing on my mind...I just love to live by the trees, and the beautiful lotus flowers on the marshy lands are a sight to watch. I don’t see and don’t wish to see anything beyond nature. Deep, lush green! Is all I can think!

I fell asleep...and when I woke up, I saw the same dragon fly whizzing over the lake...the mountain next to the lake, right at its place, where I left the image of it before closing my eyes...it’s amazing to see things as they are, when you look again at it. It gives stability...an indefinable trust and security that certain things never change. And then I see something and behold my breath! Someone so attractive, I immediately felt my life was just another until then...this was it! The purpose of my life! The reason I lived to this day! Nature had beaten its own record in creating this beauty, I see right in front of my eyes. 

I let it go...the feeling passed...the pressure built on my genitals was now released and I saw the eyes of that beautiful female shy away and she too released her approval in the form of an egg. It was raw love...the purest, natural form of it...I am now a proud father of several of my offspring and we are now a happy FROG family...why? What makes you think we don’t fall in love? We just don’t complicate things like humans do.

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