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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What are you doing???

I am praying, when I say I am in love

I am serving others good, when I am thinking good

I am doing right, when I say I am going through tough times

I am saving a life, when I say I am spending alone time with my soul

I am grateful, when I say I love myself – grateful to God and to all the people I am blessed with who made me feel worthy of their love

I am helping, when I say I am happy and looking for people to celebrate my happiness with and spreading the joy

I am God-like, when I say I love this world and think of ways to contribute to this beautiful planet

I am learned, when I request others to help save water and the planet and the trees and Mother Earth

I am human, when I am simply ME, who loves all the other earthlings and the planet as a whole!

What are you doing?

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