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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vyoma's Adventures in EmotiveLand

This is my land for sure! Whenever, I, like Alice of the 'Alice in Wonderland' classic, want to withdraw from my life, I choose to visit my Emotive land. This is not just a land but a forest, where there are innumerable trees, where the leaves on these trees: are people I meet everyday, the crowd I am surrounded with everyday, the tree trunks are the societal limitations that disallow me to walk on my path, force me to take turns to find my way out of my emotive forest. The animals, herein, and the roars and chirps and laughs and beasts of this forest area, called Emotive land, are the situations I am escaping from. I seek escape to take rescue into the hearts of the wood, the flute player, the creator, THE Krishna, who lives in this land, in the deep deep forest of my Emotive land, of my emotions.

I am struggling to find my way to him. The forest is so thick and dangerous, I have to go through all these adventures to find my way to the tunes of the flute played by Krishna...and once i reach there, i am all myself...fearless, one with my soul, beautiful, a soul of purity, my bagged shoulders are released of the external pressures and i rest on his lap, just one look at HIM, and i am one with the universe...hey! whatz this? all my fears are eloping and whatz that? Krishna- my angel, my God, is in front of me...my eyes are open when writing this but what i see is not these black and white print but an inexplicable feeling, my feet are feeling the weightlessness of my body, i am lifted in air, yet i can touch Mother Earth, my journey of life continues but my spirit wont budge out of this heavenly place...the flute is the only thing my ear ever wanted to hear, HIS beauty is enormous, his eyes are a window to the world, reflecting every pleasant emotion, I ever felt...and here's something you need to see...this leaf...and what is this? something is written on it...and i keep reading...while the script changes and in no time, I have the knowledge of the world...i am typing only what i am seeing, i am sensing at this point of time...i am with my Lord, my LORD KRISHNA! his curly tresses are similar to mine...his lips are honey-dipped and moisture-ladened...he doesn't speak...yet i hear him...i have never felt so pure...i am breathing the breath he exhales...the whole world is breathing it...he LOVES me...and everyone of us...he is so JUST...the leaves and trees are dancing and whooing in HIS ALMIGHTY's presence...KRISHNA, i am now blank...lying down on the greenest grass ever..gazing at Krishna while HE gazes back at me...i wish to close my eyes to enjoy his instrumental music...and want to dip deep into his melodies but i cant coz i dont want to lose sight of him...but i have no control...my eyes belong to HIM...the creator, follows his will and shuts fast...i am drifted but only in my thoughts, i open my eyes into the real world...but my soul opens its eyes to see KRISHNA...my soul is still there...and i am here...but i know i havent left my EMOTIVE land...my KRISHNA and i learnt what LORD wanted to educate me, educate us..i am born, herein, to LIVE...to LIVE the pleasures i have been gifted with, the relations that i am bestowed with...inspite of all the societal pressures...coz these are so feeble to fight this mighty emotion that i just felt and i am still elated with...LETZ LIVE on this beautiful planet...STOP TERRORIZING and being in TERROR...its not a beautiful life...its a life that is beyond beautiful...you can only live it to feel the essence of it...COME, LETZ LIVE.

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