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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


sssssSomething better! Something more! This is not working. 

"If not this, then what?" I inquire.

hmmm I dont know, that’s for you to figure out. Give me something thatssss thatsss thatsss…what do I say…mmm…something that defines us…something so creative…soooo sooo dynamic…you know!

Ya ya! I get that! Mmm yes, I am listening, I am getting it


horn ok please...JAMMMMMM...signal...gosh! there is lot of traffic in my head. NOthing is clear, everything is smoky, shady 

...and all I can retrieve is some few images here and there...no! No happiness! It’s a far distant land, right now. I can think of images that are everything but not work-related. I can view a punctured plane, yes…a PUNCTURED plane! And the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, heart-locking sight of a pilot supervising the mechanics, who are repairing the plane. I am STROLLING by the airport premises, and there is an angel-like circle above this young, sturdy man’s (in real life, my hubby. He always has a special place in my imagination and my life) head, when I first look at him. 

When he finally does look at me, he is amazed at my beauty. I am looking somewhere upwards, trying to locate a cupid. And finally, there is no such thing there, I ain’t ready to let go off my imagination and I hang on it, thinking they must have gone for a break. I am now the new cupid, in-charge of my own love story, and so I touch my back and effortlessly, get my hands on the arrow and strike it right into the Mr’s heart, piercing it hard. 

He reacts instantaneously, holds me sideways, leans forward to kiss me. I look into his eyes, and the gaze is a long-lasting one, until I coquettishly look away and what do I see is the plane right on top of his head. The plane lost its balance and uncontrolled, it started to wheel over us…IMAGINE…the budding love and the lovers crushed mercilessly by some MRF tyres…and this young man, showed his muscle power, and screeeecchhhh…no! Not the tyres of the plane but the spinning head of mine and my imagination came to an abrupt halt. That’s all I was thinking, when I was supposed to think some real catchy and witty lines for my assignment. A cloud of thought, the imaginary wave of the imagination seems to have no steering wheel, unlike our physical self, it roams around freely in its own world.

How can I possibly submit the assignment I have in hand...that requires my creativity squeezed from my brains, spinning them and leaving them knotted to have every drop of it in the write-up...uuughhh! This is driving me crazy. Writer's block! writer's block...if I had to rename this in one word...it would be more like a WRIbl. How it rhymes with riddle. And how I want to rebel. Huh! A mystery, yet unresolved, and why does it happen to me all the time. I mean...cant I think..am I some sort of a lost-in-the-thinking planet-praani?

Gosh! Thinking was never such a pain.
Or was it ever my domain????

It gives me sharp pangs of oohs and ouches in my head.
And yet nothing is on paper as yet.

No, I figured it out. Blame Bill Gates! Microsoft Word must be having a bug, yet undiscovered, of sucking away the creative energy out of you just like it deletes every creation of yours on a single continuous hit on Backspace.

Similarly, apparently, it is deleting away the thoughts and every constituent of it, effortlessly, from every possible thinking space from your head, leaving it all cluttered to think of things beyond work.
Yes, I am creative, in the sense that I have the creative imagination to think creative.
hah! I wish...I wish...I had a factory of thoughts that supplied me the thoughts based on my demand. That’s economics...shucks! What the f*** am I writing. 

No, but seriously, have you faced this ever? If you have, then believe me there are people like me, sharing your mind space, we are fellow beings. Hi I am Ms. Non-Creative-But-Trying-Creativity. And you?

The only thing left to do is walk backwards, pour the tea cup, with its contents intact, upside down on my head, and get something done to let my creative juices flow. 

A Good Source for Boosting Creativity
Or should I try inserting some batteries in me…maybe mine have reached their expiry date or something. I strongly wish we had some dose, some supplement for improving on our creativity, the health status of our write brain…I mean the right-brain. Just like we pop in some vitamin tablets and lo! We are rid of all the deficiency in finding the right vegetable or source of vitamin and then cook or prepare it and ensure we keep having it all the time, everyday. That sucks! I need a creativity tablet - CREcin. 

And its chemical composition would be inclusive of: fresh thoughts as fresh as a new-born baby, as warm and welcoming as the new mother’s warm hands holding the baby, as reliable as the strength of the bond the mother-baby share. And as picture-perfect as my imagination, when I am writing this. 

I think my imagination needs to rest. So I apply the BRAKE and give you a BREAK! 

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