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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reader's Don't Read, they Ride

Reader's don't read, they ride...
Ride through the landscapes, an author designs from her imagination
Ride through varied countries & countrymen, and emotions of townsfolk
Ride through the many "once upon a time"S and "happy endings" and "tragic departures"
Ride while weeping, while rejoicing, while celebrating education and literature
Ride like a gypsy marching to newer places never thought or heard of
Ride through imaginary wings that like time, fly in a jiffy
Ride through time waves and reach the destination, where the unexpected is expected and a reunion of love and lovers is bound to occur
Ride through thicks and thins in the life of a character
Ride through the unbreathing characters and yet feel their fearing breathlessness and sorrows
Who calls it READING...ask readers! they call it EXPERIENCING
They pray for the characters life
they deal with their problems and situations, as their own
they sleep thinking about them
they fall in love with their descriptions
they connect it with their life's situations
Books are not friends or knowledge material
Books are living legends.
Books are for friendly and unfriendly people alike
books are not gifts for book lovers but an emotion
an emotion that needs the booklover's time to harvest
their emotions in reciprocation
Hi! I am a Rea ider  and a book lover 
if you want to compliment my write-up, gift me a book
if you want to express your hate towards my writing, gift me a "tips to writing good" book
if you never want to read me, read someone else
if you ever want to read me, RIDE through my write-up
I welcome you, my EMOTIVE ADVENTURER...
lets begin...


  1. I feel you! sometimes I spend hours at a stretch just 'reading' and I hate it when a good novel comes to an end cuz I wanted it to go on and on and on. It's like free trip to another dimension.

    1. Thanx Nyx for sharing your strikingly similar idea. I believe readers may be unlike each other (with difference in their genre preferences), but are still alike and together as adventurers (throughout their reading journeys). Its good to share 'readership' than 'friendship' sometimes.