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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Interviewing Myself

My Age? - I am as old as a fresh thought cropped from a dynamic mind that generates thoughts every milli-second. I am so young, you cant guess my age ;)

My Home? - is a house where there is no roof for sorrows and problems. Itz named Happinezz

My Room - My Chamber? - It contains my mess, my creative thoughts and ideas, my love, my feelings, my reflection, my stuff, my fantasies, my posters, and my TEDDY HUBBY:)

My Love? -  a four letter word as a synonym to love - ARUN

My Ambition?  - to live (thatz what we came for, right!) i want to live everyday coz i just can get enough of the day...i want more! :)

My ... uh... no more questions please! coz I have to get back to life and living! :)

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