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Friday, December 3, 2010

My Write-Up on My Write (Right) to Write

Mastering the Idea of Mastering the Words

huh! its started though! thatz important...i hate to be impotent with words...
i have now found a way to not dream 'dreams' but write 'dreams'
to not feel sentiments
but inscribe emotions
to be given a situation
and have words narrate it for me
i dont want to be a story teller
but i want to be a story-heard author
whose stories imbibe every possible emotion, one imagines to read
i am willing to write
but more than that i am willing to be heard
not by every type of the masses
but by few chosen men and lasses
i know i can write
and so can many
what is the difference then
unlike those who write to earn penny
i want to write coz writing not only builds words for me, but builds...ME
i dont wish to compare
coz i have no time to spare
i need to write
i need to author
i need to inscribe
i need to follow my mind
coz my mind minds me
my thoughts-  i sure need them to lead me
not true, but astray
to bring in more experiences to say
i want to be foretold
as a writer not a writer-in-the-making
i live in a building of words
my thoughts are structured not in images but framed in words
given a writing material, i will never draw an image but write
could be anything - a lotus or a fight
i close my diary to open it again; to let my thoughts spill
i recollect them faster in order to not let them escape
my thoughts are no thoughts but in words they shape
my persona, my character, my love, my feeling, my breath too is a word
i cannot express it with a sigh, or a sound of release of CO2...but i can simply say 'breath' and the word releases the air denoting breath...
there is nothing vocal, nothing imagery
imaginary and literary...yes! i love to speak in the form of words...i love to write words in word (microsoft)
its not my dream or my passion or my ambition
its for me, something internal and external
i think: to write
i eat: to survive to write
i earn: to get paper to write
i work: coz my work is 'to write'
i sleep: coz i dream to write
i love: coz romance is something i want to write
i pray: for powers to write
i say: i want to write
i write: coz i write
i have no reasons to write
but i write
you read what i write
and i am motivated to write
you dont read and i write
i am waiting for you to read what i write
so i write more
i write to fight
i write against fights
i write responsibly
i write continuously
a non-popular writer i am
but writing about popularity - i sure can!
a writer with few readers like you
if not new readers, for old readers i want to write new
a writer by nature, a writer by birth, a writer who will SOMEDAY
find her worth!

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